August 6, 2022

What do You Know About British Cuisine

Great Britain is famous for Big Ben, rainy weather, right-hand traffic and the ever-young David Beckham. But there are many anecdotes about English cuisine, where all kinds of puddings and legumes mostly appear. Don’t miss your chance to play on the site play lightning link pokies online free. You will be satisfied! Gambling has never been so exciting as with kelly criterion calculator. Here book of ra slot you have no equal! The top roulette and also holdem poker in our site fire joker. Go to and find significant bonuses!

Black Horse Nassington blog has been created to describe how diverse British Food can be! And Indeed, for a long time, traditional British cuisine was not the hallmark of the country, such as French or Italian. But over the past few years, fortunately, a lot has changed for the better. Cooked with soul, nutritious and surprisingly delicious – this is how it is now customary to talk about food “made in Britain”.

Beans on Toast

Beans on toast

Since the well-known brand Heinz began producing canned baked beans in tomato sauce (early 20th century), this dish has become a symbol of the traditional British dinner. Their main advantage was low cost and useful properties: low content of salt, fat, high fiber content. And during World War II, beans were a staple in the daily diet of both military and civilian populations. Spicy Worcestershire sauce (a mixture of hot soy sauce and vinegar) can be a great addition!

Pea Mash

Pea Mash Toast

The subjects of Her Majesty have long been famous for their love for all kinds of legumes. This dish is based on dried brain peas, which are pre-soaked and then boiled with salt and sugar to a puree state. Usually served with fish and French fries.

Royal Biscuit (Victorian biscuit)

Royal Victorian Biscuit

Not so long ago, the popular cooking show “The Great Baker” ended on British television, which gathered more than 8 million viewers at the blue screens. The success of the show once again prompted the revival of home baking traditions, and the royal biscuit is a bright representative. A two-tier cake with the most delicate cream and fragrant strawberry jam will become a real decoration of the festive table.

Steak and Kidney Pie

Steak and Kidney Pie

The word steak in the name of this dish refers us to the 19th century, when British housewives did not like to mess with meat and fried juicy large pieces whole, and beef kidneys became a traditional addition, replacing oysters.


Huggies British Dish

Favorite Scottish delicacy, which was reflected in Russian cuisine and affectionately called “Nanny”. According to legend, the name of the dish – real-life animal, wild haggis, which, of course, no one has ever seen. Since the great Robert Burns, is a dish in Britain, built a special honor (he dedicated an ode to the haggis!), Although it was the main dish of the poor, as ready-made, designed for waste emissions.

Despite this, the composition of the ingredients has remained unchanged for more than two hundred years – finely chopped lamb giblets (heart, liver, lungs) are mixed with onions, oatmeal, lard, seasonings and salt and boiled in a lamb stomach. The finished dish looks like homemade sausage. As a side dish, “nips and tattis” is served – mashed potatoes and rutabaga. With the development of culinary traditions, modern interpretations of this fatty juicy meat dish began to appear, such as vegetable haggis, which will certainly appeal to vegetarians.

These are just a few rather simple but extremely popular dishes for which the British are ready to defend the right to call their national cuisine worthy of discussion. Agree, you can’t underestimate the country that gave the world warming mulled wine and ginger ale, fragrant hard Cheddar cheese and the ritual of cultural tea drinking called five-o’clock-tea.

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