August 18, 2022

About Us

People Eating Food in a Restaurant

Traditional English cuisine has long been known for its simplicity of ingredients and taste. However, England has a complex history and acts as a major global player. This meant that people from all over the world settled in this country, bringing flavours and techniques with them. Over time, these foreign influences infiltrated English cuisine, creating a more multi-faceted food culture than ever before.

We created Black Horse Nassington blog to tell you how diverse English food can be. Our team loves three things – travel, photography, and good food. This project is for those who love to cook, who are ready to share recipes for their favourite dishes and the secrets of their preparation.

On the pages of Black Horse Nassington website, we will talk about the world cuisines, interesting facts about food, products, little tricks of housewives and household appliances that make it easier to work in the house and in the kitchen.

We hope you will become a permanent participant of our project.